chloe / 18↑ / nys
★ cisgender ♀ / aro&pan
★ irish blooded

aidoru katsudou!

Chloe is an old nickname a friend gave me back in 2015 that stuck, but feel free to ask for my discord & get to know me, I'm pretty open about myself. You can easily contact me on my MAL through PM.

I'm also a very nsfw driven & shameless person so I don't recommend talking to me if that makes you uncomfortable.

enjoys; animals, coffee, rhythm games, sports anime
hobbies; Horseback riding, photoshop, camping.
playing; deresute, mstage, utapri sl, bandori, fe heroes


favorite units
L.M.B.G., Jupiter, growth, Knights, Ryuseitai

honorable mentions
poppin' party, hello! happy world, roselia